Introducing some members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre....


Yohannes Tarekegn

Yohannes comes from Ethiopia, and has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Kenya, since 2006. He feels that it is through the guidance and teaching of Sri Chinmoy's Philosophy, that he has been able to improve his inner and outer life. It has also helped him to be of service to humanity by sharing the vision of the World Harmony Run. Yohannes has assisted in giving free Meditation classes in Nairobi, Kenya. He lives there, and has made himself available for Kenyan seekers interested in Sri Chinmoy’s teaching. Please contact us for free Meditation classes and seminars in Nairobi.




Manatita Hutchinson

As a young boy growing up in the Caribbean, Manatita followed the religious life, and was very devout. Originally from Grenada, in the West Indies, Manatita moved to the UK in 1973, and later complimented his religious knowledge with the Meditative life. Both were of great benefit to him.

Manatita found that change came quite suddenly. One day, while at home, he heard a sound as of something dropping through the flap of his letterbox. Going to the door, he found a book on the floor written about the meditative life. Manatita read this book from beginning to end and was totally transformed by the beauty and insights of that particular text. He also felt that he could see life with much more clarity and understanding thereafter.

Two weeks later, following a phone call on October 1st, 1982, Manatita walked into the Sri Chinmoy Centre, and is still there 30 years later. Meditation, he says, has taught him a sense of purpose and the need to seek the Higher Ideals of life. He has learnt to look at humanity as if through the eyes of his teacher, Sri Chinmoy, seeing the nobility, sacredness and oneness of all. He gets a tremendous sense of inner joy in serving, and towards that end tries to serve his brothers and sisters, Mankind, through many initiatives as taught by his teacher, Sri Chinmoy.

Manatita meditates daily, regularly, and tries to live a disciplined life. He shares a deep love for Africa, and has been there many times. He is a frequent visitor to Kenya, has given meditation classes in Nairobi, while also organising the World Harmony Run and taking part in many other activities in the Srii Chinmoy Centres on a international scale.

 Aklilu Gebrewold

Aklilu Gebrewold has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre for many years. An avid runner and marathoner, Aklilu was inspired to run the World Harmony Run (WHR) not only in America, but in Africa itself, his native continent. Aklilu hails from Ethiopia, East Africa and says he is still young in age. Aklilu has co-ordinated many sections of the WHR in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and other African countries. He is at present working enthusiastically towards making the WHR 2013 a success in South Africa.

An optimist and a brilliant conversationalist by nature, Aklilu inspires many friends, well-wishers and admirers to take up the flag or fly the banner for the African cause of friendship, harmony, love and social networking at grass root levels, while dreaming of larger transformations. As stepping stones towards the last cause he has set up successful enterprises in his native Ethiopia and is inspiring others to do the same in other lands.

Meditation, he feels, gives him strength and purpose, and the determination to achieve something positive for others in the field of selfless service. It makes him a holistic individual, and inspires him to share the fruits of his success on a global scale.


Dipavajan Renner

Dipavajan Renner is a long-standing member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, and has been at the forefront of manifestation and service for many years. A dynamic Executive director of the World Harmony Run Europe, he has been organising this event since 1995. Dipavajan has literally spent the last four years of his life on the road, co-ordinating the WHR, adding innovative ideas, and promoting it though the medium of immaculately cut high quality video and TV, in over 70 countries. Dipavajan, who hails from Austria, is 45 years old. His plans are well advanced for WHR 2012.

Dipavajan loves going to places like Kenya. A positive person with an optimistic attitude, the thrills of learning about other cultures inspires him, and he is thus encouraged to make friends with sportsmen and grass-root nationals alike. He feels that each country is unique, offering something special in its own way, whether big or small, so that all can
appreciate its variety. To this end he has travelled extensively in Europe and in Africa, visiting Kenya and Ethiopia at least three times in recent years.

Meditation, he feels, gives him inner peace, and helps him to mix with people of differing cultures, to promote friendship, and to celebrate their oneness in diversity. This has inspired him and kept him going for the last 20 years.